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Medfin believe in a model where we are present on the premises of our clients to support HR in the smooth administration of employee benefits and also to support the employees with any queries from claims to product training. The success of any product is only as good as the back-up and support provided by the Consultants or Brokers.

Medfin Health Care Consultants could, provide consulting services on issues affecting its health care strategy. This could include the following:

  • Development of a comprehensive health care strategy
  • Healthcare Audit
  • Participation policy
  • Subsidy policy
  • Pre-funding policy
  • Actuarial calculations of post-retirement liabilities
  • Executive health
  • HIV/AIDS policy and impact studies
  • Occupational health and safety policy, including evaluation of compliance and cost efficiency of existing clinics
  • Legal compliance audit relating to health care matters
  • Disability policy and management
  • Sick leave policy and management
  • Health days
  • Management information
  • Company Wellness assist

These consulting services would be dealt with in terms of a process of:

  • Determining the needs of the Employer Group
  • Proposing alternative solutions
  • Implementing solutions
  • Monitoring performance


Question: What will the services of a new consultant cost the company?
Answer: Nothing because the commission is part of the contribution whether you have a Consultant or not.

Question: Is the company bound to a specific term when Medfin is appointed as broker or Health care Consultant?
Answer: This can be negotiated but is normally a one year agreement because there is initial expenses when a group is taken over.


  • Year-end revisions and training
  • Claims support
  • Pre-auth support
  • Support with Company Health care strategy
  • Support with Company subsidy rules
  • Support with Union negotiations
  • Administration of any member changes etc
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